iPhone 7 leaked to get fast charging finally

Apple's attitude towards smartphone batteries is ambiguous at best, even comical at one point. While iPhones are arguably more battery efficient than their Android counterparts, they still leave much to be desired. And when users clamored for a better battery, Apple responded by putting out a highly criticized battery pack. It seems that with the iPhone 7, Apple will be going around the issue again but with a compromise. According to a leak, the iPhone 7 will, at least, get faster charging speeds.

Smartphone makers on the Android side of the fence have been boasting about fast charging technologies recently, either utilizing a feature that comes almost free with the chipset, like Qualcomm's Quick Charge, or pushing forward their own in-house tech, like OnePlus' DASH Charge. All of these try to mitigate the effects of the real problem: battery technology is failing to catch up with innovation in the mobile space. So while we wait for the day that we get better batteries, we apply the band-aid of quick charging times. Apple has so far avoided that train, until now.

Leaked charging boards for the iPhone 7 seem to imply that much. According to The Malignant, who broke the rumor, the next iPhone will support chargers that output 5 V at 2 amps, the usual fast charging rate. Usually that also means a faster charger accessory as well. In the past, some iPhone owners worked around the charging speed limitations by using an iPad charger, which may now be superfluous.

It's not a perfect solution, but it would at least lessen the time users have to spend clinging to a power outlet. In addition to the expected increase in battery capacity, the iPhone 7 could indeed be the iPhone that some, especially people always on the go, have been hoping for.

VIA: @The Malignant