iPhone 6 Pricing Will Start At $750, Sources Say

The iPhone 6 is already set to be one of the biggest devices released in 2014, but one major factor remains unknown: the price. Some believe the iPhone 6 will be priced lower than the iPhone 5S due to manufacturing changes, while some analysts predict a premium price for the larger screen. A new report suggests the iPhone 6 will, indeed, have a slightly higher price.

This news comes out of Spain, where sources inside regional carrier Telefonica give us an idea of what we might have to fork over for our new iPhones. The carrier is said to be "negotiating" with Apple, which likely means negotiating their actual carrying of the device (because there is no "negotiation" for iPhones — you get what Apple gives you, and charge what they say). Those sources say the starting price for the iPhone 6 will be 750 Euro.

With current conversion rates, that translates to just under $1,000. Fortunately, Euro pricing isn't typically converted when it comes to iPhones, meaning that 750 Euro tag could mean we'll see the iPhone 6 stateside for roughly the same amount: $750.

If we assume the iPhone 6 will cost $750, that touches back to previous rumors, where we heard the iPhone 6 would be a $100 premium over current iPhone pricing. In the Apple Store, an unlocked iPhone 5S will currently set you back $650.

As for the larger 5.5-inch iPhone — that pill may be tougher to swallow. According to sources inside Telefonica, the larger iPhone is a whopping 950 Euro. If we get the same apples-to-apples conversion, that means Apple may be releasing a smartphone that will cost us nearly $1,000. Yikes.

Source: Movil Zona

Via: GforGames