iPhone 6 leak shows display glass, new features

Nate Swanner - Jun 30, 2014
iPhone 6 leak shows display glass, new features

A new iPhone 6 leak is giving us the first look at what’s said to be the front display panel, offering up some details that could put a solid nod in the way of other leaks being accurate. While just the display glass, we see some subtle design changes in effect, and one feature that could end up being a new iPhone aesthetic, and make it easier to use.

The glass is said to be from a 4.7-inch iPhone 6, which is really all that’s said to be in production currently. The black and white models suggest that we’ll get at least two color options, which was expected. We could see the white variant on a gold iPhone 6, too. Prior leaks suggest three color variants: black, white, and gold.


The screen has a lager speaker cutout up top, elongated to scale. We also see the front-facing camera sit above the speaker, which is nothing new. There is a third opening up top, though. Sitting right next to the speaker, a small camera-sized cutout is present, but for what?

Diverting our attention to the edges, we see a rounded glass bezel. This could be what all the “curved display” and “curved glass” chatter has been about. Not so much an actual curved display ala the LG G Flex, this could be where the glass meets the metal, more on the side than the front of the device. This is something we saw (and I personally loved) on the Nexus 4; sold as something that makes swiping much more pleasant.


It also seems as though the bezels on either side have gotten slimmer, perhaps due to the construction of the glass. The home button cutout is also front and (bottom) center, but looks equally less bezel-y. It slips nearly to the bottom edge of the device in these shots.

A comparison shot shows the glass next to a display panel from the iPhone 5S. It’s easy to imagine, looking at those shots, why Apple made the call to follow Android’s lead a bit and make a larger iPhone. Comparatively, it already makes a smaller phone look dated.

Source: 9to5Mac

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