iPhone 6 Duo Will Have 'Retina HD', Dual Domain Pixels

What is Retina HD? It's Retina, and then some. At today's Apple event, the company moved quickly into iPhone talk, and Phil Schiller went right into the new Retina display. A natural progression, it's shows just how Apple is upping the ante, and making current apps shine on a bigger display.

Retina HD was described by Schiller as "the most advanced displays ever to go into a phone". The iPhone 6 will have 38% more pixels than the iPhone 5S, while the iPhone 6 Plus will see a staggering 185% more pixels with this Retina HD. It's not all about the pixel count, though.

Those pixels are dual domain pixels, which allow for broad viewing angles and better color saturation. The Retina HD is sRGB active, too — but that amounts to LCD. Still, it's a necessary step up for a larger phone — better pixel density means current apps likely won't have to sacrifice the shame of black bars or stretching.

If Apple can make current iOS apps work on the larger screen via Retina HD, they've already got a winning formula. Though Devs can naturally create apps for the bigger displays, that's a long way coming for most apps. We're here, now, so Retina HD might make the iPhone 6 a runaway winner, right from the time you can grab one.