iPhone 6 5.5 and 4.7 mockups foreshadow size issues

JC Torres - Jun 18, 2014
iPhone 6 5.5 and 4.7 mockups foreshadow size issues

Here we have yet another supposed iPhone 6 leak, this time in both the rumored 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch variants. While we have indeed seen these two devices before, having an actual solid, three-dimensional model shown and compared with previous generations and other devices really drive home the things that could unsettle the iPhone-loving crowd.

As a disclaimer, these models are noted to be fabricated by accessory manufacturers in order to give themselves a more thorough grasp of the form and size of the device when making things like cases and covers that are scheduled to be announced on the very same day Apple reveals the two devices. They are definitely not coming from Apple, as sloppy craftsmanship and disregard for detail do tell. As such, they are to be treated like any other leak or rumor, even if they look more or less real.

But if, for the time being, we do take them to be the real deal, we will notice some major differences from last year’s model. Aside from the size, of course. The sleep/wake button, for one, has been relocated from the top of the device to the right side. Given the size changes, that might be a practical and smart design decision, since the top will be harder to reach with one hand. That said, it will definitely inconvenience some who have been quite used to Apple’s previous designs. The top and bottom bars have also been stretched slightly, taking up more space than normal. Perhaps they have been designed so in order to fill up the new space afforded by the new sizes, and that is where things go downhill a bit.


4.7 inches is probably marginally acceptable for some people. A lot of mid to high end smartphones sport that size or something near it. It could be a bit larger from long-time iPhone users, used to Apple keeping devices to a smaller, more manageable size, but they will probably be able to adapt. 5.5 inches, however, might be considered unforgivable. It stands right in the middle of that oft ridiculed phablet classification that many of Apple’s rivals seem bent on filling up. But that, however, is not the worse part. Based on this model, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will even be larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or the LG G3.


To be clear, the 5.5-inch here refers to the screen size, not the phone’s size. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s display measures 5.7 inches, while the LG G3 has a 5.5-inch one. And yet both are somewhat dwarfed by the iPhone 6 5.5-inch, exactly because of the aforementioned top and bottom bars, the latter of which housed the Touch ID sensor. At a time when manufacturers are scrambling to reduce bezels and margins around displays, Apple seems to be content to be contrary, at least according to this rumor.

Perhaps that is where the greatest source of disbelief in this rumor lies. While a 5.5-inch display for an Apple smartphone isn’t something to dismiss, one that eschews all design sensibility that the company has become famous for is just plain ludicrous. And it’s not just the design, but also the price. Rumor is that the 5.5-inch version will cost $100 more than the 4.7-inch variant, but will have exactly the same specs inside. If the iPhone 5c is any indicator, Apple’s customers might not be so willing to finance that odd device. Of course, these are all just rumors and speculation, but it is one that we do hope does not come to pass at all.

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