iPhone 5 Not September 7, Now October 7?

Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 has sure gotten the rumor mills churning and boy are they all over the place. The most recent date rumored for the next-gen iPhone is September 7, which was revealed by Kodawarisan, a Japanese website claimed by MacRumors to have been accurate on a previous speculation. However, the folks over at the Loop now say that their own sources insist that this is incorrect, and yet another source points to October 7.

It's getting quite ridiculous at this point as the next-gen iPhone keeps getting flung back and forth between the two months. The latest claims now say that Apple will not launch the iPhone 5 on September 7 and that they won't even have an event whatsoever on that date. Who's to be believed? It's hard to say at this point with all these unnamed sources.

However, more of the reputable sites are now pointing towards October, although no specific date has been offered. Tipb has just tossed up an October 7 date, but gives no support or even a mention of a source. So again, take all this with a heavy dose of salt. The main takeaway here is simply don't get too excited yet about September 7.

[via TheLoop]