iPhone 4 No Longer Sold by Apple Without AT&T Contract? [Updated]

This is an interesting development that, for all intents and purposes, came out of left-field. According to Apple's website, if you were to look into their Frequently Asked Questions section, it turns out that the Cupertino-based company is no longer selling iPhone 4s without contract. Meaning, if you want to get your hands on an iPhone 4, and you're eager to buy it from an Apple Store, or online through their digital retail side of things, you'll need to go ahead and sign over a new, two-year contract. Update: You can still visit an Apple or AT&T retail store and by a phone without a contract.

As you can see from the image, which is highlighted in blue for your viewing ease, the question regarding a contract-free iPhone 4 is asked pretty plainly:

"Can I buy an iPhone without an AT&T contract?"

No. iPhone requires a two-year AT&T wireless service contract.

If the question is asked plainly, then the answer doesn't get any plainer than that. Interestingly enough though, is the fact that you can actually still get your hands on a contract-free iPhone 4 if you want, but you'll have to go into an AT&T retail store. Odd, right? Why on Earth Apple isn't providing the devices without a contract, but the company that wants you to have a contract is, is anyone's guess. Have any ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments. And yes, this does entail only the US stores.

[via TiPb]