iPhone 2.1 and iPod touch 2.1 firmware on the way

Brenda Barron - Sep 9, 2008
iPhone 2.1 and iPod touch 2.1 firmware on the way

Shortly after announcing the iPod nano and iPod touch upgrades and updates today at Apple’s Let’s Rock event, Steve Jobs told us that two new firmware updates were coming to the iPhone and the iPod touch, respectively.

The iPhone 2.1 firmware is a “big update,” according to Jobs and “it fixes a lot of bugs.” These “bugs” were to be fixed with battery life improvements, a fix for app crashes, faster back ups and fewer dropped calls.

But that was it for the iPhone and Jobs quickly switched focus back to the iPod touch. Firmware v2.1 will be available for the touch as well, but with one stipulation. If you never upgraded your original touch to 2.0, you will have to pay $9.95 to update to 2.1.

And as quick as it came, the firmware update talk ended, only to bring out Jack Johnson for a performance. Stay tuned to SlashGear, folks. We’re bringing you full recaps and specs as the day progresses.

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