iPhone 13 Unlock with Apple Watch fix is coming, iPad mini 6 scrolling still bugged

Apple has just launched its latest mobile devices for the last half of the year, and both the iPhone 13 and iPad mini 6 are getting mixed reviews. What many reviewers seem to have initialized missed, however, are some software bugs that are giving new owners a bit of a headache. While one case where the iPhone 13 doesn't work with the "Unlock with Apple Watch" feature is already fixed on Apple's end, the iPad mini 6's "jelly scrolling" issue is still waiting for an official confirmation.

Apple's heavy dependence on Face ID hit a rather large bump last year when people all over the world were required to wear face masks. While waiting for that magical technology that can securely detect faces even while wearing masks, Apple implemented a temporary workaround that used the Apple Watch as a sort of secondary key. Of course, there are hard requirements for this to work, but it was sufficient enough for most users.

Unfortunately, that's not the case if you paired an Apple Watch and an iPhone 13 where the feature just doesn't work. The good news is that Apple has already promised a fix that will be rolling out in an upcoming software update. In the meantime, affected users will want to turn that functionality off completely.

iPad mini 6 users apparently have their own problems to worry about. As reported by The Verge's Dieter Bohn and other users, the new iPad is exhibiting what has been nicknamed "jelly scrolling," where one side of the screen scrolls slower than the opposite side. This creates a rather disconcerting visual experience, especially for those who browse a lot of Web pages or social media.

It seems that the problem is more pronounced in portrait orientation and sometimes even disappears when holding the iPad mini 6 in landscape. Apple has yet to acknowledge this issue, and it still isn't known how widespread the problem is.