iPhone 12 Pro might not have 120Hz ProMotion display after all

The iPhone 12 series will be announced in practically two days, which hopefully means mass production of at least the base models have started by now. Indeed, if the phones have to be available within just weeks after the announcement, production lines should already be churning the units. That also means, of course, that hardware features should already be locked down and fixed and, unfortunately, that also means that one still debated feature is no longer coming according to one leak source.

Of the many debates surrounding the iPhone 12's many new features, it may be the 120Hz refresh rate that has been one of the most debated. Dubbed "ProMotion", this display technology has long been rumored to be heading for iPhones ever since they debuted on the iPad Pro. Many believed that this year would be that year for iPhones, including Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser who even showed proof of that.

Then again, he also did clarify that proof of 120Hz refresh rate came from a PVT or Production Validation Test unit, which was pretty close to what the final iPhone 12 Pro Max would be. He also mentioned that, strangely enough, Apple also had other PVTs that didn't have this feature, hinting that the company could decide at the last minute which one to go with.

Now it turns out that the non-120Hz side won. In a recent tweet, the YouTuber claimed that the iPhone 12 has entered into mass production and that the 120Hz feature didn't make it. Of course, until Apple makes the announcement itself, there's still a tiny smidgen of hope that may not be the case.

There is still some debate on why Apple would leave out such a feature from the iPhone 12 Pro. On the iPad Pro, the faster refresh rate helped reduce not only display lag but even the Apple Pencil latency, the latter pointless for an iPhone. There is also the matter of iPad Pros and iPhones using different display technologies and, in usual Apple fashion, the company won't be satisfied if it can't perfect an implementation before it launches.