iPhone 12 molds show that flat is back

Just as fashion tends to make old things new again, smartphone designs seem to also go back and forth like a pendulum. Sizes go from small to big to small to big again and edges that have become curved seem to be on their way back to becoming flat just like in the old days. At least that seems to be the case for this year's iPhones that are looking more like their iPad Pro cousins or, better yet, like the iPhones of ages past.

Manufacturers often cite ergonomics and comfort in their switch from flat edges to curved sides, explaining how these phones better nest into your non-flat palm. Of course, some of that reasoning is lost when you consider that those edges are sometimes taken up by a small portion of the screen anyway. It's not yet known what prompted Apple to change course but leaks seem to agree it's going back to flat.

Apple Premium Reseller Jin posted photos of molds made from alleged iPhone 12 schematics that, in turn, will be used by accessory makers to design things like cases. The molds more or less confirm the design leaked before as well as the sizes that are expected this year. That includes a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 base model, two 6.1-inch phones (Pro and non-Pro), and a 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max.

Jin Store also shared CAD renders based on leaked designs from factories themselves. It shows the new iPhone 12 on all sides, including the relocated SIM card tray as well as the camera bump. Curiously, the cameras depicted resemble more last year's iPhone 11 Pro Max without any indication of an iPad Pro LIDAR.

Apple's iPhone lineup this year is expected to be big, being the company's first 5G devices. They're also expected to be late or in extremely short supply, as least as far as suppliers and partners seem to say. Those won't, of course, dampen Apple's final iPhone sales but will only delay them for a quarter or two.