iPhone 12 group SMS disappear, iPhone 12 mini lock screen unresponsive

No product can claim to be perfect the day it launches and that's true especially for software where bugs don't always get caught in testing. When you combine new software with new hardware, however, the possibility of issues popping up increases. That seems to be the case for Apple's latest smartphones, whose users are reporting a variety of problems on different iPhone 12 models. Hopefully, however, these are just software bugs that could be more easily squashed by an update.

iOS bugs that happen after a major release aren't unusual but most of the reports affect older iPhones existing in the market. This week alone, however, at least three distinct problems with the iPhone 12 series have been widely reported, causing no small amount of frustration from owners of Apple's most expensive smartphones yet.

Many iPhone 12 mini owners, for example, claim that their lock screens have been exhibiting inconsistent touch sensitivity issues that prevent them from swiping up to unlock. Once unlocked, however, there doesn't seem to be any further responsiveness problem, suggesting that this is hopefully just a software bug in the lock screen. Some, however, worry that there may be a grounding problem instead.

One problem that's most likely a software bug hounds the iPhone 12 Messages app, particularly the group SMS feature. Users have reported randomly missing messages, no matter their carrier. What's unsure at this point is whether the problem is on the iPhone's end or on Apple's.

For a bit of good news, Apple has acknowledged and promised a fix for issues surrounding hearing aid connectivity with the iPhone 12 series. Owners of certified accessories have reported intermittent or garbled audio and looping static when pairing with the 2020 iPhones. A software update is promised to fix those but Apple has not given a timeline for that yet.