iPhone 12 announcement on Tuesday could just be a pre-announcement

It's already September, which has traditionally meant two things for the tech world: IFA and Apple's own product announcements. Both annual events have been thrown into disarray thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic but both are still proceeding, just in a different form. IFA 2020 is happening with an extremely limited number of in-person participants, most taking their announcements online instead. Apple will reportedly hold a virtual announcement for its iPhone 12 but what will be announced next week is just the date for that announcement.

There was perhaps some excitement and confusion when tech YouTuber Jon Prosser tweeted that a press release will be made on September 8, Tuesday. Although it has largely been expected that the iPhone 12 could be announced first, Prosser suggested the press release will involve more than just the iPhone 12 or even the Apple Watch 6. A new iPad will be announced, too, though he doesn't clarify which of the many rumored models it would be.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman cast some doubt on that probability and that reality might actually be a bit more boring in comparison. According to Gurman, what will be announced on Tuesday is actually just the date for the actual iPhone 12 announcement, possibly with the Apple Watch 6 in tow. The latter will happen via virtual event because, of course, you can't expect Apple to just settle for a plain press release for its most important mobile device of the year.

It's not unusual for companies, especially Apple, to pre-announce a big announcement so Gurman's stance does sound sensible. On the other hand, it's certainly possible, too, that Apple will decide to just move the iPad's announcement to a simple press release on the same date. Either way, these devices aren't expected to ship all at the same time anyway.

iPhone 12 shipments are largely expected to be delayed, with the iPhone 12 Pro suggested to be delayed even further to November. This should at least give interested consumers time to save up for what could be the most expensive iPhone yet, as well as for chargers or earbuds that won't be shipping inside the box.