iPad webcam accessory spotted in the wild

I have never heard of a company called PhotoFast but it has an interesting accessory for the iPad that is the first of its kind I have seen. The accessory is called the PhotoFast Webcam for iPad and it looks like any other webcam you would connect to a computer.

The big difference is that the cable for this webcam has the iPad docking connector on the end of the cable for directly hooking to the iPad. The webcam in the picture is apparently only a mock up using what appears to be one of the newer Microsoft webcams.

The finished product will look different reports Pocket-Lint. The idea is that the cam would allow the iPad user to video chat on IM apps and take snap shots. An exact launch date on a final products is set for "later this year." Obviously, that 200MP claim in the picture is wrong; the cam is likely a 2MP unit.