iPad used as aid to shoot machete, split bullet in half

It's the stuff of Hollywood movies: splitting arrows with more arrows, splitting a bullet in half by shooting a blade. Though possible, doing such things takes a considerable amount of skill, even more so when the aiming is done backwards using an iPad.

Rated RR tasks itself with recreating actions from movies and video games. The new movie Lucy was the inspiration for performing the latest task: splitting a bullet in half and hitting two targets with the resulting shrapnel.

To do this, the team put two balloons on a board, then taped a machete — blade facing outward — to a board stuck in the ground. They first demonstrated pulling off the task (twice), but then decided to take it up a notch.

The shooter elected to turn his back to the target and instead use an iPad as a mirror, aiming the gun over his shoulder. After a bit of aiming, he managed to repeat the trick, hitting the blade, splitting the bullet, and popping both balloons.

VIA: Gizmodo