iPad Pros could outdo Samsung with triple camera setup

Samsung may have kicked off a new tablet trend but Apple will be the one to take it to the next level. The Galaxy Tab S6 launched with what could be the first dual camera system on a tablet but Apple's new iPads could steal the attention away in two months. Not only will the regular iPads gain two cameras on their backs, according to sources the iPad iPad Pros will actually have three sensors. Whether that makes sense or not will largely depend on how Apple will spin the rumored feature.

Of course there can be reasons for putting high-end cameras on tablets, especially high-end tablets. Artists, for example, could take more accurate sample photos for reference. Their large screens also make for great viewfinders and monitors for cinematographers. They just happen to be quite uncomfortable to hold up for long periods of time and are quite awkward to use as a camera as well.

Apple may think the advantages may far outweigh those if it's putting that many imaging sensors inside the iPad. According to Mac Otakara's supply chain sources, the new iPad Pro coming in October could have as many at three cameras on the back. At the same time, the non-Pro iPads will have at least two. Both iPads will use the same camera bump as this year's iPhones.

If true, the iPads could once again earn the moniker of giant iPhones, except without notches. The regular iPads will take after the LCD iPhone 11 while the iPad Pros will follow in the footsteps of the OLED models. It may sound ironic, but sharing the same camera components for iPads and iPhones could actually cut down on expenses.

That leaves out what those extra cameras will be used for. One answer might be found in augmented reality, which is one of Apple's pet mobile projects. Additionally, it could help sell the iPad Pro better as a digital creator's tool of choice, stealing the thunder away from the Galaxy Tab S6 in just a few months.