iPad Pro processor rumored to be on par with Apple M1

Apple has so far enjoyed great success with its own silicon. Even before the Apple Silicon and its first M1 iteration, Apple's A chips have been running circles around their Qualcomm rivals, at least in some benchmarks. With the Apple M1 for Macs, Apple took it to the next level but it definitely won't be stopping there. Apple might be launching the new iPad Pros really soon and at least one industry analyst claims that it could rival even the M1 Mac in terms of processor performance.

The Apple A and M processors are really cousins that share a common ARM architecture DNA. Of course, that doesn't mean that they are identical and Apple necessarily made changes that geared the Apple M1 towards the macOS and desktop use cases. That doesn't mean, however, that it will be leaving the more mobile Apple A chips behind and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman even claims the next version will be on par with the Apple M1.

If the Apple A14Z or A14X, whichever name Apple chooses, is as powerful as the Apple M1, then you can expect the iPad Pro to be blazing fast. That does raise the question of whether such speed is even necessary considering how powerful the previous Apple A12Z already was. It does open the door to more powerful apps, though, but that will also require developers to take advantage of what the silicon has to offer.

This rumor makes the next iPad Pros even more interesting than they already are. They, or at least the 12.9-inch model, are expected to sport a new mini LED display. This will offer better and more precise brightness and contrast at the expense of making the slates slightly thicker because of an additional layer.

A more powerful processor, a more advanced display, and the addition of a 5G modem will all go towards making this year's iPad Pro the most advanced tablets in the market but those won't be without a price. Given all of these, it wouldn't be a surprise if the iPad Pros will be more expensive than ever before as well.