iPad Pro, iOS 11 videos prepare you for what's coming soon

While Androids users are anxiously awaiting the final name, and launch, of Android 8.0 "O", iOS users are also looking forward to iOS 11, set to launch this quarter. Even more so iPad Pro users, who have a lot of reasons to be excited for this release. To both tease and prepare such users, Apple has released a couple of videos that will help prepare them for the new and admittedly unfamiliar features ahead.

In terms of user interface, iOS 11 really turns the platform on its head. It is making available features that some users, particularly power users, have been wishing for but has almost resigned themselves to never see. Things like dragging and dropping between apps or even a file manager of sorts. And yet that's exactly what iOS 11 will be bringing.

That does come at the price of introducing unfamiliar user interfaces and gestures that some users and their fingers will have to get used to. For example, the all new dock not only allows for more apps to fit into it, it's also "spring-loaded", which means you can drag an item on top of an app in the dock and wait for that app to open up before you drop it into the app. It's definitely going to take some muscle to execute these multi-touch gestures flawlessly.

The Files app might feel a bit alien to iOS users, but, at the same time, familiar to any computer user. That said, it's not called "Finder" for a reason. There is going to be some limitations and significant differences in the capabilities and workflow of the Files mobile app, so it might be a good idea to see how it works first.

Of course, these are just the user-facing features that iOS 11 brings to the table, specifically for iPad Pro users. The next major version of the platform has a lot of under the hood changes as well, like increased security features such as the Touch ID "lockdown" mode reported earlier.

SOURCE: Apple (YouTube)