iPad Arcade Cabinet "iCade" By Ion Audio To Bring Retro Fun In May

Here's a neat little accessory to turn your Apple iPad into a retro mini arcade machine. Ion Audio first showed off this iPad arcade cabinet called the iCade at CES earlier this year but had not confirmed a date of availability. Today, the accessory just passed through the FCC signaling an on time launch for May 31. Watch the video demo after the cut.

The iCade is designed to sit on top of your table and has an arcade style joystick with six numbered buttons and two "enter" blue buttons. You simply slide your iPad into the front of the iCade and connect them via Bluetooth to start playing your favorite classic arcade games.

Well, you do have to go and download the games, which are thankfully free, from Apple's App Store. The Atari Greatest Hits app is configured to work with the iCade and you can download additional games via the app.

However, the iCade relies on 2 AA batteries, which can get gobbled up rather quickly as you play hours on end of Space Invaders. It would be nice if there was a plug-in or rechargeable option. But nonetheless, a fun little accessory to show off in your geek lair if you have an extra $100 sitting around.

[via Wireless Goodness]