iPad Air 2: pre-order tomorrow, ships Monday

Nate Swanner - Oct 16, 2014, 1:06pm CDT
iPad Air 2: pre-order tomorrow, ships Monday

With iPad Air 2 being announced, there’s a lot of great stuff. A great new camera lets you snap better tablet photos (if that’s your thing), and iOS 8.1 is coming Monday. There’s also Touch ID on the new iPad Air, and it’s only 6.1mm thin. A lot of exciting stuff, so when can you get it?! Apple loves to talk about how great their tablet is, but they also love to sell it to you — and we’ll tell you when you can grab one, and how much it will be this time around!

The iPad Air 2 will be available on October 17 for pre-order, and will start shipping on Monday.

As for variants incoming, Apple will have a new 128GB version for us. They’re also keeping the base 16GB version, and a 64GB variant. That skips over the 32GB version, and mimics their iPhone memory scheme.

That 16GB version will be $499. The 64GB? $599, and the 128GB monster will be $699. If you want cellular connectivity, it’ll run you $130 more.

If you want to pick up the iPad Air, it’s going to be sticking around, and will be $100 less. Just keep in mind you’re not getting features like Touch ID and the new camera with the older version.

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