iPad accounted for $9.566B out of $9.6B in tablet sales in 2010

I have an original iPad and I really like it, I can certainly see why the tablet did so well on the market. Take into account that for much of 2010 it was the only media tablet on the market and you can see why the numbers for tablet sales in 2010 were so lopsided. According to numbers released by Gartner, the iPad accounted for almost every bit of the tablet sales last year.

Gartner reports that $9.6 billion was spent last year on media tablets by consumers. Out of that number, the firm has Apple selling $9.556 billion worth of iPads. A little math will leave all other tablets that were on the market last year selling a combined $34 million in revenue.

IDC's numbers showed that the iPad had 83% of the market last year. This year is likely to be even better for sales of iPads with the iPad 2 on the market. There will be more competition this year and a few of the tablets may have what it takes to make this a two horse race. IDC still figures that the iPad will grab 70% of the tablet market in 2011 putting a cool $20 billion into the coffers in Cupertino.

[via BetaNews]