iPad 2nd Gen Supposedly Breaks Cover In Leaked Photo, Shows Two Dock Connectors [Updated]

We're still a few months out from Apple officially announcing anything, but so far the rumor mill has been missing the "leaked" images of the new Apple iPad. That has changed, with the website Mission Repair pulling the curtain off what they say is the new iPad. It's a picture showcasing the current iPad, lying on top of the newer version. But, most importantly, this "new" iPad features not one, but two dock connectors, so you can dock the iPad in landscape mode.

The picture hasn't been confirmed to be real, but that isn't surprising to say the least. But, the image does indeed show the dock connector on the bottom of the device, just like the original iPad has, as well as another dock connector along its side. Also interesting, is that it looks like the second iPad on the bottom has a flat back, rather than the curved version we see now in the tablet device.

There have been patent filings in the past from Apple, with dual dock connectors as the focus, but that doesn't mean that the new iPad will feature such a thing. It's possible that the device in question is an early prototype of the fist iPad, and that it was scrapped for whatever reason. There's no doubt that Apple has more than likely figured out how to make the new tablet lighter, and it could indeed feature a flat back, but this image is in no way definitive proof of anything. But, that doesn't mean the speculation can't go on.

Update: According to Engadget's source, the second port is indeed a dock connector – only this was a prototype design for the first-gen iPad that Apple subsequently abandoned.

[via MacStories]