iPad 2 May Feature a Proximity Sensor

Thanks to BlogDoiPhone, another little detail about the second generation iPad may have just been discovered. While it's not as breathtaking as some other leaks, or rumors, this new snippet is a sure sign that Apple is continuing their focus on the details. Surely, adding a proximity sensor to the iPad 2 can't be seen as revolutionary or futuristic, but if it helps with battery life in a case, we can't argue with its implementation.

The proximity sensor in a phone is meant to make sure that your screen turns off, and the multitouch functions are disabled for a short time, so that you don't do anything crazy with your cheek while you're on a call. So, for the proximity sensor to show up in the iPad 2, a tablet device that Apple surely doesn't intend for you to put up to your face, rumors obviously spiked. However, the real purpose behind the sensor is probably pretty simple: to react to a case.

We've got to agree with AppAdvice and BlogDoiPhone, in that we would agree that having the sensor react to the iPad 2 being in a case would be a pretty simple inclusion, but one that would be warmly welcomed. Having the device lock on its own when you close the case, and then wake up when you open the case back up would be a pretty cool addition to the tablet device.

[via AppAdvice]