iPad 2, HARMAN OnBeat, Upgrade Bracket Free Promo Code

Free stuff is always nice. We just got this tip that you can get an upgrade bracket that will allow you to fit your iPad2 into your HARMAN OnBeat. The old model was too loose to accomadate the slimmer tablet. If you have been running into this problem, JBL has your back. They're offering to ship free brackets to anyone who has this problem. All of the details are after the break.

All you have to do is browse on over to JBL's webstore here. There you'll find the product numbers you need, just use the promo code BRACKET and you'll be able to get a new bracket shipped to you at no cost. Thanks JBL! It's always nice when a company actually goes out of their way to support a product like this. I snapped a quick screenshot confirming that the code actually works. Here you go.

You should also know that if you're shopping around for docking stations, JBL is already shipping all new purchases with this bracket. So don't let this deter you, you're already covered. We wrote a bit more about it and have an image gallery posted here.