iPad 2 For Creative And Affordable Virtual Window Concept

If you live somewhere with an awful view, then here's an idea that can completely change your perspective. Design studio Clarke Hopkins Clarke put out a video detailing their concept of a virtual window made from multiple iPad 2 devices. Virtual windows comprised of multiple screens and various gadget wizardry have been made before but with the advent of the iPad 2, this idea can be achieved more easily and affordably.

The design company envisions a couple different ways the iPad 2 Window concept can be deployed now that the new device has nine times faster graphics along with dual cameras. The front-facing camera along with a custom app could be integrated such that face tracking would allow for the displayed scenery to change according to the location of the passerby. This illusion could also be used to connect two separate spaces such as during a video conference call. On top of that, you can control your window's view using your iPhone.

Now imagine that terrible view of the dumpster you get outside your window. If you can afford four iPad 2 devices—$499 each—then you could easily have yourself a lovely view of sandy beaches. But then again, if you are willing to shill out that much money for a workaround, you probably could afford a better place.

[via Yanko Design]