IoSafe Solo ruggedized external hard drive swells to 2TB

Back during the summer we reviewed the ioSafe Solo ruggedized external hard drive and found the external storage solution to be pretty nice. An external hard drive that is both fireproof and waterproof might seem like overkill, but in the event of a fire or flood your data will be safe.IoSafe has announced that those needing more storage space than the 1.5TB capacity previously available can now get an extra 500GB of storage with a new 2TB capacity version being offered. The new larger capacity ioSafe Solo has the same features as the drive we reviewed.

Pricing for the 2TB version is $399, which isn't that bad compared to other external storage solutions. You also get the added benefit of data protection. IoSafe will still get the data off your drive in the event of a disaster like a fire or flood and then send it back to you on a new Solo hard drive for the first year at no charge. Extending the service to three years or five years is available at extra cost.