iOS-exclusive movie service coming to United Airlines flights

The folks at Patently Apple have acquired information on an upcoming onboard entertainment system coming to United Airlines flights starting next month. The service, upon launch, will be exclusive to iOS mobile devices, and will offer access to hundreds of movies and TV shows sans charge.

According to the report, iPads and iPhones running iOS 7 will be supported at launch, and will have access to in excess of 150 movies and about 200 TV shows. In order to access the content, users will need to download the United app from the iTunes App Store.

It seems the content will also be available to view on laptops, though that is a bit less clear, with Patently Apple reporting users will need to download a browser plugin for some content, while other content can be accessed through the United Portal without a plugin. When Android and other mobile support will arrive hasn't been detailed.

The system has to be installed on each aircraft, and as such it'll take up to the end of this year to have it on all domestic aircraft. The installation will start on the A319 Airbus, A320, 747-400, and some 777-200.

VIA: 9to5Mac

SOURCE: Patently Apple