iOS Display Recorder makes it onto App Store

This app is clearly a case of get it while you can, if you want it. Apple has allowed an app onto the App Store called iOS Display Recorder. Previously, an app with this name wasn't allowed on the App Store and is only available on the Cydia store for jail broken iPhones. The point of the app is to allow the user to record whatever is on their display, such a screenshots or video, and upload to YouTube or other places.

Since the app is specifically called iOS Display Recorder, the same exact name as the app on the Cydia store, it was assumed to be from the same developer. However, the developer of that jailbroken app Brian Petrich has since tweeted that he filed a complaint with iTunes because he didn't develop the app, and it is using the same marketing as his app.

It's interesting that iOS Display Recorder made it to the App Store at all. Apple typically denies such apps because they mimic functionality baked into iOS. My money says someone was asleep at the wheel when approving apps, and this one will be short-lived on the App Store.

[via 9to5 Mac]