iOS 8 beta shows iCloud Drive will be on the web, Windows

Nate Swanner - Jul 7, 2014
iOS 8 beta shows iCloud Drive will be on the web, Windows

Apple’s iCloud was always a handy back-end utility, but hasn’t quite made its presence felt in the cloud storage discussion. To that end, Appel announced iCloud Drive at WWDC, which acts more like the cloud option we have with various other services. Another step in the iOS 8 beta rollout suggests iCloud Drive will be available from the web.

You can currently access iCloud stuff from a browser, but the site is clumsy, and plain. All iWork utilities are still listed as beta services, and viewing items not proprietary to Apple is not easy. Given the new iCloud Drive aim, it’s possible we will soon be able to view stored documents in the cloud that didn’t start with Pages or the like. Cloud editing for non-iWork items will likely elude users for now, though.


A prompt notes that “any type” of file can now be stored in iCloud Drive, and that it’s available on both the web and Windows. The option for organization — again, like you find anywhere else — is also noted. We’ll now be able to make as many folders as we like, and store files as we choose.

Making iCloud easier to use by upgrading it to Drive was nice, but the ability to access from anywhere is a useful and timely trick. This could also mean Apple will release apps for other platforms, should they become serious about it being a true service for users who utilize Apple devices as well as others.

Source: 9to5Mac

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