iOS 8.0.1 May Already Be In The Hands Of Carriers

Apple's iOS 8 may be fairly new to us, but a new report suggests they're already seeding iOS 8.0.1 to carriers. The update will reportedly address some problems users have been having, but as the numbering scheme suggests, it's fairly minor.

Mac Rumors is reporting that they've already seen the device pop up on their traffic reports. A source reports to them the update has been seeded to carriers, and will address several bugs. The change log:

- Phone: Addresses bugs with call forwarding and freezing when accessing visual voicemail

- Keyboard: Fixes an issue with keypad not appearing to enter iCloud Keychain verification codes

- Safari: Fixes a problem with videos occasionally not playing

- Sharing: Fixes AirDrop support for Passbook passes

- VPN: Addresses an issue with installing VPN profiles

Small niggles, but issues nonetheless. The video playback in Safari is quite annoying, as is the keyboard issue. This is the list as we know it today, but more topical fixes could be on the way.

It's not yet known when iOS 8.0.1 will hit devices, but don't expect much in the way of a significant change. These minor alterations simply fix random issues that pop up in widespread testing and adoption. It will make your experience a bit less choppy, though, especially if you watch a lot of media in the browser.

Source: Mac Rumors