iOS 6 now on 200 million iOS devices

We're here at Apple's iPad mini event and CEO Tim Cook is announcing some impressive stats on the company's products. Cook just announced that 200 million iOS devices have already upgraded to iOS 6. The new update was released just over a month ago, and already it's at phenomenal numbers — 60% of iOS users have updated to iOS 6

Cook says that this was the fastest update rate of any software history that the company knows of. Cook also talked about the seamless integration between iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion, specifically calling out Documents in the Cloud, saying that there are over 125 million Documents in the Cloud right now.

iMessage has also seen a huge boost in usage. 300 billion (with a "B") iMessages have been sent since the platform was first launched, and it's at a rate of about 28,000 messages being sent every second. Other statistics that Cook quickly mentioned were about Game Center — 160 million Game Center accounts have been created. Also, iOS 6's shared Photo Stream feature also has seen over 70 million photos shared between iOS users.