iOS 6 adoption jumps 29% after release of Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS released on December 12, and a lot of iPhone users were no doubt holding out on updating to iOS 6 strictly because of Apple Maps, and it turns out that within the past five days that Google Maps has been available in the App Store, ad management platform MoPub noticed a 29% increase in unique iOS 6 users.

The data from MoPub, which supports 12,000 apps and monitors one billion ad impressions every day, does conflict with another report from mobile ad network Chitika, which saw just a 0.2% increase in iOS 6 users within the first 36 hours of Google Maps becoming available. However, MoPub seems to include a wider set of data than Chitika and which was taken over a longer period of time.

Furthermore, a lot of users might have been waiting until the weekend to update to iOS 6, since MoPub's inclusion of weekend data seems to have contributed significantly to the increase in adoption, which makes sense, due to users having more free time over the weekend to conduct a major update on their smartphone.

This is a big win for both Google and Apple, as it shows that a lot of iPhone users downloaded Google Maps, and tons more users updated to iOS 6 at the same time, which Apple naturally wants in the long run, since they want as many users as possible on its latest operating system. With Google's mapping solution now taking some of the pressure off, it seems a lot of iOS users are upgrading to iOS 6 with little regrets.

[via TechCrunch]