iOS 5 Beta 3 Has AirPlay Mirroring For FaceTime!

I know that a bunch of iPhone users are waiting anxiously for iOS 5 to hit so they can upgrade. The latest beta 3 version of the OS has a very cool new feature that heavy users of FaceTime will really appreciate. The feature is AirPlay mirroring. That means the iPhone can mirror your FaceTime call to a larger screen via an AirPlay enabled device.

There is no guarantee the feature will make it into the final version of iOS 5 since it has only surfaced in the beta 3 version. I can see this being a very cool feature for chatting with groups and it might make the iPhone 4 an inexpensive video conferencing solution for business to use rather than having to buy an expensive dedicated system.

Someone at Tipb got to try the feature hands on and said it is indeed "magical." Of all the features of the iPhone 4, I have never once used FaceTime. Video calling just doesn't seem that interesting to me. Obviously, you will need an AirPlay device for your TV to get this service to work.

[via Tibp]