iOS 4.3.3 Update Brings Back WiFi Connection Issues

Apple's recent iOS update to version 4.3.3 addressed several of the location tracking concerns, but may have brought back a WiFi connection problem that has plagued previous updates. Ever since the update, both media reports and posts on Apple's support forums revealed that applying the new update caused devices to spontaneously drop connections.

Devices with the update would repeatedly disconnect and reconnect, and at times would even fail to connect at all. In other instances, the WiFi status indicated a connection but the device was unable to access the internet.

Further supporting the claim that the update is what's causing the connection issue is the differing connection quality between an iOS 4.3.3 device and an iOS 4.3.1 device when both are in the same room. Currently, there are no permanent solutions, although some folks have had success with resetting a device's network settings or turning WiFi off and back on.

[via Electronista]