iOS 13 Personal Hotspot issues secretly confirmed by Apple

Almost true to its superstitious association, the iOS 13 release hasn't been smooth sailing ever since it was first unleashed to the public. To its credit, Apple quickly resolved those at each release but each release also brought its own headaches. It has somewhat died down these past months but there are still some small problems that pop up here and there and some that have been lingering unaddressed for months. One of those is still unfixed but Apple is now at least acknowledging people are experiencing Hotspot issues time and again.

Some users on both iPhones and iPads have been reporting issues with iOS 13's Personal Hotspot. This has apparently been going on as far back as iOS 13.1.2, which was released way back in September. That's how long users have been making do with the problem with no fix in sight just yet.

The problems range from connectivity to data performance. Some are unable to connect to a Personal Hotspot or have trouble staying connected. Others, on the other hand, are reporting degraded quality even when they are able to connect.

MacRumors reports that Apple has distributed an internal document to authorized service providers telling them to expect customers complaining about the problem. This is the first time the company has reportedly acknowledged that such an issue exists or that, at the very least, there are more and more people complaining about it.

Apple's recommended fix is amusing and temporary: turning Personal Hotspot off and on again. There have been no notes in betas indicating it will be fixed in iOS 13.4 but, hopefully, Apple is now on the top of it. iOS 13.4 is expected to be released on March 24, provided everything goes according to schedule.