iOS 11 Cydia jailbreak still ongoing despite drama

Jailbreaking on iOS and rooting on Android aren't as big as they were years ago but communities around them still do exist. Fortunately or unfortunately, those communities are also some of the most passionate and most vocal around. So when the last remaining jailbreak for iOS goes silent, there's unsurprisingly no small amount of frustration among some in that circle. Cydia's owner and lone developer Saurik has just basically confirmed that he is still working on a jailbreak for iOS 11. But given the hurt feelings and strong words being tossed around, there's also a real possibility it might not arrive soon.

Jailbreaking and rooting isn't exactly a fun and profitable activity unless you do revel in the activity of finding security holes in the operating system to exploit. Because that's practically what jailbreak and root access are, finding bugs that would eventually give you unauthorized access to parts of the system.

It might be a fun adventure at first, but when it grows to become much more of a commitment, it turns into a thankless job. Not to mention a non-paying one. That is the situation that Cydia creator Saurik has found himself in, Juggling a day job and working on Cydia on the sides has understandably lead to delays, though some in the jailbreaking community have raised doubts and suspicions on Suarik's behavior.

But while Cydia does seem to be stalled for a while, there is some hope that others could take up cause if they could. Ian Beer, via Google's Project Zero, recently published a tool that would help find such security bugs that can then be used to jailbreak iOS 11. However, the tool is more for bug finding than jailbreaking itself and that requires a different set of skills. While a proof of concept jailbroken iPhone X does seem to exist, it's still far from being a method that power users would be able to use on their iOS 11 devices.

VIA: iDownloadBlog