Ion Torrent Personal Genome machine has an iPod dock

Shane McGlaun - Dec 23, 2010
Ion Torrent Personal Genome machine has an iPod dock

Over the last few years, breakthroughs in genome sequencing have been making headlines. When researchers first began sequencing genetic material it was a very expensive tasks with some large and expensive machinery. I am sure the machinery is still very expensive, but it has become significantly smaller.

A new genome machine has surfaced from a firm called Life Technologies that is called the Personal Genome Machine. It’s not meant for you to use at home though, it’s a real research machine for scientists and stuff. The rig uses parallel semiconductor sensors to measure the hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication in real-time. This is the first product on the market to use that tech.

The machine is about the same size as a printer and weighs 65 pounds. I would assume it to be the same size as a large printer. The strangest feature is that the machine has an iPod dock on top. Why you ask? Obviously, the dock is there to keep your iPod jamming “The Who” while you work.

Via GizMag

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