Ion Audio Book Saver Book Scanner Scans 200-Page Books in 15 Minutes

Carrying around books seems to be getting phased out. Even for students, there are plenty of different options out there, whether it be tablets or laptops, to provide an option for minimizing the usage of physical books. eReaders, of course, have made it easier for everyone to get rid of those space-taking novels, or back-breaking college textbooks. But what if you've got a book already, and you want to put it on your eReader without having to pay for it again? That's where Ion Audio's Book Saver Book Scanner comes in.

The Book Saver Book Scanner uses a unique design to give you the best possible way of scanning each page accurately. Unfortunately though, you'll have to flip all of the pages yourself, as the scanner won't do it for you. However, it does feature an angled cradle, putting the book in the best possible position for scanning each page. There are two cameras with built-in flash on each side of the upper-frame. You just click the button to take a picture, flip the page, and repeat until you get to the end.

Ion Audio says that you'll be able to scan a 200-page book in about 15 minutes. For the $149 price tag, and the possibility of saving some space in your locker or book bag, the Book Saver Book Scanner may be the perfect gift for a student. Saving the scanned book onto a microSD card will make loading it into an eReader easier, too.

[via Mobile Magazine]