Iomega Xporter external hard drive - for Xferring media from your computer to your Xbox 360 and PS3

If you don't already have a large flash drive or an external hard drive for the purpose of playing the media from your computer on your game systems, then this wouldn't be a bad purchase. It looks good, can pack up to 160GB on its tiny 2.5" disk, and it will fit in your pocket.

Best of all is that it comes with pre-loaded software that you can use to convert your media into more game console-friendly formats. It will save you the trouble of searching the same torrent sites you got the content from for an app that will do just that for you.

Plus, for a 160GB USB bus-powered external hard drive, the $120 or 99 Euro asking price isn't too terribly bad, it's about on par with other major HDD manufacturers. The difference being that if you really are going to use this drive solely for its intended purpose it's color scheme will blend with any game console and it comes with some software that will be useful to you.

[via Pocket-Lint]