Iomega debuts Skin-branded external hard drives

Iomega unveiled a new line of external portable HDDs called the Iomega Skin branded HDDs. The line of drives has 500GB of storage space and all use USB 2.0 connectivity. The HDDs get all the power they need for the USB port as well.

The Skin series come in three different styles. The Radical drive is branded with the Skin logo with a black top and a yellow base. The Red Hot drive has the Skin logo along with a red top and a black base. The Knock Out has a silver top and black base.

The drives all start at $119.99 and are preformatted for PCs. The drives can be used with Mac computers, but a reformat will be needed. The drives measure 4.9" x 3.3" x 0.7" and weigh .36 pounds.