IOFIT is the first smart shoe to focus on fitness and golf

You get up in the morning and grab your smartphone, then you put on your smartwatch, wander around your smart home, and before you leave, you can put on your smart shoes. The smart shoe market isn't exactly huge at the moment, but like anything with the "smart" title, we'll start seeing more and more of them. In fact, Samsung is prepping to launch their own smart shoe.Well, technically, Samsung isn't the one putting out the new shoe. Samsung has a special innovations program that they call C-Lab, which they use to nurture creative ideas. The program has offered up some projects that the company feels will do well, and has spun these ideas off into their own start-up companies. One such company is Salted Venture, and they're prepping their first smart shoe, the IOFIT.The IOFIT is a smart shoe that is aimed at people who love fitness and golf. Each one has an embedded sensor that can measure the force at various points along the foot, which can help it to determine things like balance, weight shift, center of gravity, ground contact force, and more. This data can be streamed to your phone, allowing for real-time coaching for various fitness activities, as well as to help improve your golf swing.

Salted Venture claims that their new IOFIT shoes are different from virtually every other smart shoe on the market, because instead of focusing solely on running, they have chosen to focus on fitness and golf. Jacob Cho, the CEO of Salted Venture had this to say about their new shoes: "Balance is an essential aspect of all fitness workouts and golf swing mechanism. Without it, there is greater exposure to injury and wasteful energy consumption, making fitness workouts a lot less effective and dangerous. For golf, proper balance and weight shift is crucial to generate club head speed and power. We wanted to solve this problem not just with our guts, but with actual data telling us how we are performing,"