iOdock wireless conductive charging stand debuts

Shane McGlaun - Jan 7, 2013
iOdock wireless conductive charging stand debuts

Fiddling with wires when it’s time to charge your favorite gadget can be irritating. There are number of wireless charging pads that sit on a desk or table that allow you to just sit your device down to charge without messing with wires. A new wireless conductive charging stand has surfaced from a company called iOmounts.

The stand is called the iOdock and claims to be the first wireless conductive charging stand on the market. The docking station connects to a computer via a USB cable and is able to transfer power and data wirelessly to the user’s device through a case specifically designed for your gadget to work with the conductive charging stand. The product will be on display at CES this week.

The company promises that the required charging case needed for the system is much slimmer than other inductive charging cases on the market. The dock stand also allows the user to rotate the screen of their device for whatever angle is most comfortable for them. The iOdock is currently available for the iPhone 4S and the iPad.

The company does intend offer connector charging cases that will work with the iPhone 5, iPad mini, and other devices by the middle of 2013. At this time, it’s unclear exactly how much the iOdock will sell for. I would expect pricing to be somewhere in the range of the pricing for the company’s line of stands ranging from $90-$100.

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