IODATA unveils new 3TB USB 3.0 HDD

IODATA has a huge range of external storage solutions and a lot more. The latest offering from the company is a new USB 3.0 HDD that has a lot of storage space inside. The drive is the HDCA-UT3.0K and it reminds me of a Cylon with a blue face. The drive is cool looking with a blocky black case and a blue slit with LEDs inside to show the drive status. The big feature of the drive is that it hooks to your computer via a USB 3.0 port for faster backups and transfers.

This drive can be used for your typical data backups on your computer, and it supports direct connectivity with Toshiba Regza TVs to allow you to record programs right to the 3TB of storage inside. All you need to do for that Regza recording capability is plug in the USB cable. The case is designed to allow the user to place the HDD vertically or horizontally depending on how much room is available. The drive has a suite of computer software that uses can download called IO.APPs.

The 3TB version of the drive is expected to ship in the middle of May at 26,400 yen in Japan. The device is also offered in 2TB and 1TB capacity as well at 18,900 and 12,500 yen respectively. The drive will work with Mac and PC machines and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. It ships with the USB cable needed and an AC adapter.