Inventec Tipped To Be Apple iWatch Builder

The Apple rumor mill is always in full swing no matter the time of year. Rumors have been churning out at a frantic pace concerning the next big product from Apple, which is tipped to be a smart watch dubbed the iWatch. A new rumor has surfaced that points to the company believed to be manufacturing Apple's new smart watch.

A new rumor that originated from an analyst at CIMB Group suggests Inventec is expected to land a significant number of orders for the iWatch. The analyst has predicted that Inventec will land 60% of all iWatch orders.

That 60% lion's share of all iWatch orders are expected to add up to about 19% of all profit for Inventec for 2014. The analysts who made the prediction also believes that the Apple smart watch will carry a price tag of between $149 and $229 in US. Shipments for the iWatch are estimated to be in the area of 63.4 million units for 2014.

Most adopters of the Apple smart watch are expected to be purchasing the device to replace existing iPods. Apple isn't alone in moving into wearable computing devices such as smart watches. Sony is gearing up to step in the market and Samsung has already been talking up its Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear smart watch will debut on September 4.

SOURCE: DigiTimes