Intuit GoPayment offers iPhone credit card processing with free card reader

If you run a business that is outside of an office most of the time and you need the ability to take credit card payments there are some options out there for you. Intuit has a card processing service that provides the user with a free card reader for the iPhone that is called GoPayment.GoPayment launched last month and is a no monthly fee offering that will work for business small and large. The credit card reader plugs into the headphone port of the iPhone and then cards are swiped and the app running on the smartphone submits the payment to Intuit for the actual processing. The low volume offering for small businesses provides a free reader, no monthly fee, and the rates are a percentage of the sale.

Swiped cards have a 2.7% fee, entered or non-qualified transactions have a 3.7% fee, and both are hit with a 15 cent per transaction fee as well. People with over $1000 monthly card volume can pay a $12.95 monthly fee and get 1.5% swiped transaction or 2.7% keyed with 3.7% for non-qualified transactions like corporate sales. The per transaction fee is 30 cents on this plan. Up to 50 users can use a single account making it great for field service businesses.