A few months ago, many people were ready to pull the plug on Palm.  Our own Vincent Nguyen even went so far as to say he'd never write another post about them again, effectively pronouncing them dead.  After today's press conference, though, I'm willing to bet he's singing a different tune.  I know I certainly am.  I was quietly optimistic about the Pre, but now it's out there, I won't lie – I'm excited.In fact, we're all excited about the Pre here at SlashGear, and to prove it, we're launching Pre Community.  We invite all past, present and future Palm users to join us and help us build a thriving community of Pre fans.  Whether you're an ex-Palm user, a current Palm fanatic or someone who might be interested in getting a Pre, we welcome each and every one of you to discuss the Pre, make friends and, most importantly, have fun.Come check out Pre Community, and from everyone here at SlashGear – welcome!