Interview with Microsoft shows major rivalry between 360 and Wii

I've discovered that one job I could never do is be any sort of spokesperson for one of the big three console makers. For one, I totally understand that each of the major consoles has its strengths and weaknesses, and thus could never commit myself to one completely. I also couldn't be as much of an ass as some of these guys are. Recently Gamasutra sat down with Microsoft's director of product management for Xbox 360 and Live Aaron Greenberg, and he has quite a few great things to say in there.

There is a lot to be read in that interview, which you should really read. However, I'll give you just a few highlights. For one, the dude has no respect for the Wii. Sure, it's not the powerhouse that the 360 is, but he goes out of his way to specifically state that it's number among 9-year-olds, while the 360 is more for those 13-33. That's pretty harsh, especially when Nintendo keeps coming out on top of the sales charts month after month. (there must be a lot of 9-year-olds buying consoles)

Another time, while talking about the Korean market, he boasts that the Xbox 360 was the number one console in that market. However, the interviewer corrected him, letting him know that the Wii had actually sold more units. He sort of laughed it off, but the guy hit him with another great jab, noting that the Wii had only just came out. (the 360 launched on February 24, while the Wii launched April 26) Greenberg then corrected himself, saying that the 360 was the number one "high definition console". Damn dude, that was just below the belt.

Greenberg also gets a little huffy over the whole Arcade console not coming with a hard drive. He says that Microsoft doesn't want to force consumers to purchase something that they won't use. What I want to know is why Microsoft does want to charge consumers so much for a hard drive if they do want to use it.

In all, it's a pretty good read, but the guy gets on my nerves quick with some of his responses. I know that he has to be pro-Xbox because of his position, but it's almost nauseating at times. I can't imagine how it comes off to those of you that primarily use a Wii or PS3.

[via Gamasutra]