Internal Bra

I really don't know how to say this other than to state that technology has come to a point where what's important is better looking breasts. I mean why else would some Israeli (shouldn't they be the last ones worried about this) scientists be developing/testing an internal bra?

By internal I don't mean further integrated into clothing, I mean under-your-skin surgically integrated. Sadly, from this point on in the article, I don't know where to go other than to the gutter, but I will try and keep it as informational as possible.

I guess they must have noticed a trend in sagging, misshapen, or asymmetrical breasts, I don't really see any other reasons for even developing such a technology. Apparently, breast augmentations even up to this very day can leave their target breasts looking, off, is probably the best way to say it, so, this integrated bra not only attaches to your shoulders and rib cage, but also fills in the gaps with silicone which will probably slightly increase your bust size.

The procedure has several benefits over today's breast augmentations in that it requires fewer and smaller incisions, and that the recovery time is less and thus the costs will probably be lower. As I already stated it is still in its developmental stages, so if you feel you need breast augmentation, you will still have to go the way of the silicon or saline filled water balloons.

Technology Marches Forth: Better Breasts on the Horizon [via CrunchGear]