Interactive portal shirts from ThinkGeek combine ugly and geeky in a new and novel way

If you like getting people's attention and don't mind if that attention is more centered on ridicule and other people thinking you are special (and not in a good way), ThinkGeek has the clothing for you. The Interactive Portal Shirt is now available at the purveyor of all things geeky for $99.99.

The obvious drawback is that you have to buy a shirt of each color to be able to transmit the video, which means you need two shirts at $99.99 each. The center circle of the shirt is a LCD screen with a 5.8GHz camera mounted above the screen. The camera on one shirt sends video to the screen of the other and vice versa.

The shirts are powered by 2190mAh lithium-ion battery pack that is stored in a belt you wear around your waist. The electronics are removable so you can wash the shirts and wired composite inputs are built-in so you can play games on the screens too. Just don't forget you are wearing this when you go to the bathroom.