Interactive mosaic of moon's North Pole unveiled by NASA

NASA scientists have rolled out a new interactive mosaic that has been created of the Moon's North Pole. The mosaic was made using the cameras on the LRO spacecraft. Resolution for the mosaic is six and a half feet per pixel.

The mosaic allows users to zoom in and out to view moon features up close. Images in the mosaic can also be panned around. There are 10,581 images in the mosaic letting users see unprecedented detail on the surface of the moon.

Users can clearly make out craters and other surface features. NASA used the two LRO Narrow angle cameras to create the mosaic. Those cameras are part of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera or LROC. The cameras are able to record a dynamic range of light and shadowed areas on the moon surface. The resolution is so detailed you can see little pebbles sitting on the surface of the moon.

The most impressive stat about this image is how large it would be if printed out. NASA says to print out the massive 931,070 pixel square image would require a sheet of paper wider than a football field. You can explore the mosaic here.